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  • Fri, 17:08: RT @PattyMurray: Democrats and Republicans need to send a clear message to President Trump: firing Special Counsel Mueller or any other att…
  • Fri, 17:09: RT @scalzi: Time for your occasional reminder: 1. Hey! Register to vote! 2. Hey! If you did register, check to see that you still are reg…
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    Tue, 20:07: This is how insidious casual racism is.

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    Wed, 13:31: RT @ jemelehill: Oh. So the police do know how to do that. Wed, 13:31: RT @ dereckapurnell: reminder:…

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    Thu, 14:23: RT @ therecount: Gloria Borger, the sole woman on a panel, talks about how she related to Kamala Harris as a woman who gets…

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