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Running around

I have a headache. I think I'm getting dehydrated again. Of course, I'm just now starting to realize that chronic dehydration is not a good thing, so I'm much more sensetive to its effects than I was. But really, that's not the important part of my day.

Today I went to see the site for the wedding with my Mom. It was really weird walking around this place, with such a nice lake and a view of Mt. Rainier, and realizing that I'm actually planning a wedding. I never planned on getting married and every time I take a moment to realize it's actually happening, I get a little lightheaded. I never played at being a bride as a child, I never played house and I certianly didn't dream up a wedding. I was too busy playing soccer and basketball and baseball, fishing with my Dad or building a fort.

So now I'm struggling with what the word "wife" means to me. I'd really like to have a wife. The traditional one, that is. Someone to cook and clean and raise the kids(aka cats and dogs). Then I can come in from a long day at work, sit down in front of the TV to let my brain rest, eat and build something in the garage. But I don't think that's very realistic. And in truth, I don't think I'd like it very much.

So how do I define "wife" to fit me? This goes hand-in-hand with my indecision about my last name. I want a compromise position, but I'm not happy with the hyphenating of the name. I have the feeling that these two issues will occupy me long after the end of the ceremony.

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Don't feel too badly... I *still* haven't decided the last name thing, and, well... Yeah.

Great. So we'll be in the same weird state...

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