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So much news from one little weekend. I guess I have to start with Saturday morning....

My fiancee and I were supposed to meet with a minister-ish guy to see if we though he'd be ok to officiate the wedding. I don't have a religion, and he doesn't really either. At least, as far as I can tell, so we didn't have someone we preferred for that role. But I woke up feeling so sick I didn't go. I'd felt sort of bad (enough to skip dinner) Friday night. But he went without me, and came back touting the open-mindedness of this guy. So fine, whatever. As long as he doesn't talk about how the rings are round and circles mean forever, I'll be fine. :P

About this point, I felt well enough to get up, eat some lunch and pretend the day might be normal. After lunch I worked on the afghan. This always leads me to deep thought. There's just something about the repetition of the stitches that lets my brain go... Anyway, after dinner I started feeling sick again. It's really unpleasant. I felt as though I had some food poisoning or something. But that's not what it was at all. It was a huge stress attack. It seems that I just have too many things I'm worrying about right now and all of them are big enough that just one would be a lot to handle (wedding, job, future, keeping the house, etc). Thank goodness I had some leftover pills from the only other time this happened. They're helping a little. Talking to my fiancee about possibly postponing the wedding until things settle down helped even more. We haven't made any arrangements yet that can't be moved.

Sunday, I woke up feeling much better.I went and got more yarn, so I can do the afghan I'm actually going to send to my Grandma for her birthday and went to match colors of bridesmaid dresses to something I could use as a swatch. Since the stupid store wouldn't give me a sample. Rrrrrrr...

But on the way home, we stopped at CompUSA to look at DVD burners and check out prices. And we wandered past the console games. So now I'm the proud owner of an XBox. We even picked up 3 games to go with it (Halo, Kabuki Warriors and Batman Vengeance). The best part is that buying this thing (which I'm sure would have happened by the time the Battletech game comes out anyway) I've gotten rid of the cable service. The only show I've watched regularly for the last 3 months is Alias. And I'm sure that I can get someone to tape that for me. In fact, we've never used the cable box that came with the service...

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Maybe... you're pregnant!

*runs away*

Sorry, I had to say it.... Everyone says it to me *every* time I feel ill! *grin*ˇ

Oooh, very funny. :P

There used to be a running "joke" that I was carrying triplets. Who is that funny for?

I can tape whatever you want for you.

You should have a Halo party at some point.

Wouldn't that be funny? I was playing it with my sweetie last night on easy mode, and we made it to the 3rd or 4th mission. I'm having a terrible time with the looking and moving thing though.

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