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Tonight I'm supposed to go swing dancing with Jarhead (it's not my fault, that's the name he picked for himself...). I'm a little nervous. He claims to have been in band. But from what I can tell, he really doesn't have a sense of rhythm, at least as far as dancing goes. It's a good thing that the Century Ballroom offers lessons before the music starts.

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I've been there before. You will find an assortment of beginners and skiller dancers there. Nice relaxed atmosphere. I've been wanting to go there again, but since I don't remember most of my swing dance lessons, it's kinda pointless. :P

See, that's the beauty of going to the ballroom. They show you the basic step and a couple of moves before the dancing starts. I'm just afraid that he's not going to be able to cope with more than the basic step...

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