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I still wish that my cats hadn't refused to learn to use the toilet. But they did. So I get to deal with it. But I'm very happy that they've acclimated to the wheat litter. It doesn't smell nearly as much as the clay did, and I can scoop it right into the toilet. So there's no throwing out litter at all. :)

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Hmm. Tell me about wheat litter. I really dislike regular litter because of its stinkiness -- no matter how hard you try to get all the pee out, there's some crud left and it smells. I use clumping litter, and like how it behaves, but worry about the cats ingesting it if it sticks to their paws. If wheat litter would work reasonably well in the odor control department, I'd be willing to give it a whirl. Is it easy to scoop the pee out? Does it have any clumplike properties?

It's clumping, biodegradable and doesn't stink. It's a little more expensive, but much more pleasant to share a bathroom and basement with. This is the brand I use. They actually offer coupons for 1/2 a bag free when you send in UPC codes.

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