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A question of mindset

OK, I'm having a crisis. Well, it's not a real-life crisis, but an emotional one. I'm probably going on an interview on Monday for an admin job with a manufacturing firm. I'll be the only person interviewing from the search firm that I'll represent. The hard part is that I was just getting into the mindset that I wanted to work for a bank, to get the opportunities to advance. I don't know what to do, and I'm starting to get into panic mode. Ack! I think I'm afraid to go back to work, and I'm more afraid to end up like I have at the last 2 places!

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You could consider it an "in the meantime" sort of thing. Some jobs don't have to be "career" jobs, you know? If you really want to do the banking thing, keep looking into it. Interview for this job in the meantime - it's something, you know? Unless you think you'll have some immediate success on your banking path.

The way I see it is - go to the interview. Interview well, if possible. If, in between now and the time they theoretically offer you the job, you find something else or think you're getting somewhere with your other ideas, you can always say, "I'm sorry - I don't think this is a good fit." Remember that job interviews are two ways - for them to interview you and for you to see if they're the right place for you. You can always even take the job, and, if you find something else later, leave on the same not.

But that's just me, and we all know what I'm like. :p

Yeah, I know. You always land on your feet. :P

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