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Life is a journey

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I'm no good at these bio things. The best way to get to know me is to read some of what I write. It varies greatly over the course of the year, especially as my interest in any given topic changes. The only constants will be my job (or lack thereof), the cats and my husband. Everything else is variable. But here are some quick facts:

I could stare at the ocean for days on end but live in the mountains. I'm very liberal, but believe strongly in personal accountability. I remember more trivia than is healthy but have no idea what I did yesterday. I have trouble connecting with people, but randomly friend folks who have interesting stories to tell. I'm a woman in technology, fighting the stereotype and the glass ceiling all at once, but yes, I'm a geek and former band nerd. I'm also a recent convert to the label of Feminist. I love to surround myself with living things - plants, fish, cats and people.

This is a very stream-of-consciousness place for me, somewhere to explore new things and try to sort out my brain. Sometimes it's silly daily things, and sometimes it's my newest obsession (right now it's gardening and canning).

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