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So we have an offer on the house. We're reviewing it tonight. I'm really hoping that we're not going to have to counter because that's just a pain in the ass. Especially with the amount of time we're going to be alternating away from home. Arg.

Soooo sleeeeepy

I think this may be the last post whining about getting the house ready for sale. We finished all the big stuff over the weekend, including rearragning the house to give it the illusion of space. It's just really amazing what getting rid of half your stuff will do for a place. But it's finally ready and looks fantastic. It's almost enough to make me want to stay. Almost, but not quite.

In order to make the house available, we're going to spend the weekend (cats in tow) with my parents. I haven't spent this much time at their house since I lived there 8 years ago. I'm hoping it goes well, especially for the cats. Plunking them down someplace new twice in one month is going to be hard on them. I really hope they don't take it out on us by peeing all over everything.

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Got some stuff out of the house yesterday. I'm really surprised by how empty it is without the 8 boxes of junk we moved. I really had no idea that moving so little could expand a space so much.

Of course, no adventure would be complete if I didn't hurt myself in some totally obscure and idiotic way. So today I'm avoiding driving because I managed to tweak a muscle in my back/shoulder. Where did all these muscles come from anyway? What purpose do they really serve?

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I'm really excited to move. I can't wait! But I'm hating the packing so much it's not even funny. The worst part is the panicky feeling I get every time I think about whether or not the house will be ready to put on the market next Friday. I really want everything to go well, but at this point it's just freaking me out. Hopefully that will stop once we get most of the packed boxes into the new storage unit. Boxes of junk laying around just freak me out on principle.

In happier weekend news, ms_monkey was officially old on Sunday! I'm so glad that my husband and I were able to make her party (we made time after the dump visit and postponed the Goodwill trip a day). We stayed way later than I'd anticipated because once the hanheld game playing stopped, people got interesting. I'm just sad that we didn't have enough margaritas to justify the amount of salt she bought (even though the salt was evil and I had to wipe it off my tongue).

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We've agreed on a price and set an inspection date. I even called my parents and invited them to the inspection. This will be a huge victory for me, because me Dad is the king nitpicker. This way, instead of having him ask me about all the little things he notices after we've bought the place, he can ask the inspector and we can include it on the List if we need to.

We're now working on trying to get the house in order to show it. We're shooting for the 28th as a listing date, so Saturday will be a giant trip to the dump. Don't worry ms_monkey, we'll still come to your party. :)

Oh my gawd, we're really doing this.


We put in our offer on the new house yesterday evening. The financing is all squared away (which is freaking me out) and now we're waiting for the response. They have until 9PM, so I'm trying really hard to avoid looking at the clock every 15 minutes until then. So far, I've been fairly successful. We'll see how this afternoon goes.


After OD'ing on meat and booze in Montana, I've been obsessed with fruit. Last Friday, my husband and I went shopping at Whole Foods, after a surreal and quick trip to pick linoleum and grab some stuff at Home Depot. I think we went a little insane. I now have more fruit and veggies (locally grown even) in my fridge than I've had in ages. We ended up with two 2 pound bags of cherries, nectarines, strawberries and salad greens/mushrooms/cucumbers. I've been eating so much vegetable matter that I'm nearly craving pasta. But still not so much for the meat. I'm hoping that one sticks around for a while. (We also found the wine I love, so if our offer goes well tonight, there may be some serious drinking.)